The Men's Locker Room

This is our men’s fellowship group that serves to educate men in an intimateMen's group

setting, where there’s a “no holds barred” mentality.  The discussions are impactful and demand accountability from a “man-up” perspective.  The Bible is explained with such clarity that men from all walks of life are able to grasp an understanding of the things of God, and His expectations for men.

The Locker Room serves to create Kingdom-Minded men, who are taught to walk in their roles of prophet, priest and king of their households.  They are taught to prioritize the house of The Lord, while not neglecting their own homes.  In addition, they are taught how to become leaders in their communities and lovers of their wives.

We welcome all men to join us – both members and non members alike!
Meeting Times and Location: Vary
For announcements of our men’s events, be sure to follow us on Facebook at and on our main page at
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