Children & Youth

We believe that our first and most intimate discipleship responsibility exists in our children. At the ROCK we are committed to make an impartation into the next generation by providing Christ-centered interactive learning environments, community building activities and compassion oriented opportunitiGroup Shot_Cropes for service.

If you have a heart for children or youth ministry and are interested in serving, we’d love to hear from you. Just click the link below, fill out the necessary information and someone will be in touch with you shortly.



We have devoted over two-thirds of our facility to ministering to our children and youth. We have two nursery rooms designed to care for our infants to our crawlers. Additionally we have several classrooms directed at meeting the spiritual development needs of our children up to the age of 13. We also have dedicated spaces for our teens including a computer lab, a theater with surround sound and “Da S.P.O.T.” (Spiritual Place Of Teens). Da Spot is an edgy but comfortable environment designed around the social needs of teenagers.

In addition, we have a beautiful basketball gym, with state of the art flooring, where all the kids can stretch their legs and show off some of their athletic skills. We also feature an inflatable world with bouncers, castles, and a 60-foot inflatable obstacle course for all the kids to enjoy.



Each year we provide several activities designed to meet the needs of kids of all ages.


We conduct an annual jog-a-thon fundraiser for our children and youth entitled “March a Mile for a child.” We use the proceeds from this event to fund the children and youth departmental budget.

Youth Lock-In
Each year we conduct a back to school lock-in that includes, food, games, contests, breakout sessions led by anointed facilitators and a concert featuring some of Austin’s most gifted musicians. Each year the lock-in broadens it’s impact by adding additional activities and gaining more attendees.

Friday Night Lights
During the summers we host ‘Friday Night Lights’- a monthly youth experience for ages 10-18 featuring live musical performances by gospel artists. These events are designed for the youth in the community to have fun, fellowship and build faith!

Hallelujah Night
This fun-filled event takes place every October and serves as our Christian alternative to Halloween.  Rather than deny our children some of the events that they perceive as “fun”, we offer them an alternative that allows them to have fun without engaging in activities that do not support our beliefs. Hallelujah Night is a blast for the kids!

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