About Us

Welcome to the R.O.C.K. ATX!  We are a non-denominational, Austin-based, Christian church with a welcoming atmosphere and a vision to expand the kingdom of God.

We want every visitor to have a powerful, meaningful encounter with God during every service. Our goal is to teach the radical, unapologetic truth of the word of God. We believe God’s word has the power to transform His people and equip them to make positive changes in their lives.

We love families! Our ministry places tremendous value on our children and youth, and our dedicated curriculum, programming and events are targeted to meet their specific needs. Here at the R.O.C.K. ATX, we want members of every generation to feel important and included.

We are a Bible-centered, spirit-filled, community-building churchChristian church, congregation that is attuned to the needs of our community. We are a Kingdom-minded ministry where people of any background can feel encouraged, challenged and loved.

Our church is located in Austin, Texas, a thriving city that is exploding with growth and ready to receive the Gospel message. Church services take place on Sunday mornings, Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings each week. Join us as we worship Christ and impact our community!