Get an inside look at the exciting community outreach programs that take place every year at The ROCK!



Y.O.U. Empowerment Seminars
This powerful series of seminars held in January and September has helped individuals to experience change in their lives. The insights discovered during these sessions have allowed participants to be delivered from addictions, to be healed from long time hurts and to overcome personal fears. These seminars are a must if you really desire to be a better Y.O.U.!




Marriage and Relationship Seminars
We believe in the institution of marriage. We conduct engaging and empowering seminars every spring and fall that are designed to build marital communication, deepen marital intimacy and encourage couples to develop their marital witness. We truly believe that couples are called to be Reflections of Christ’s Kingdom.



Lead Out

Lead Out Conference
The Lead Out Conference is an annual event that serves to educate participants on areas of leadership; engender collaborative dialogue; and empower individuals for greater impact, by employing the insights of scholars and practitioners who have had profound influences in their specific areas. Our keynote speakers are our own, Dr. Charles A. Moody, Jr., and Dr. Bramwell Osula from Regent University. Dr. Osula who holds a PhD in Sociology and is active in a variety of leadership roles that include educator, trainer, consultant and mentor.  And Dr. Moody, our Senior Pastor, holds a doctorate of Strategic Leadership from Regent University. Dr. Moody’s work in ministry has been all-inclusive; from counseling and administration, curricula and training course design, to teaching pedagogy classes at seminars throughout the country.




Back to School Event
This is a yearly summer event where children are taken on a fantastic magical journey while learning key concepts from the Bible.  So far, the kids have been taken on a journey through the land of Narnia and have helped super heroes – Superman, The Thing, Wonder Woman, Batman and Storm solve clues that ultimately lead to the knowledge that the only real life super hero is Jesus. They have also taken a walk through the Bible where they met Moses, Shadrach, Peter, Esther, and Rahab, who taught them Biblical concepts from first-hand experiences, as well as several additional journeys that have taken place.  Each summer, a new event is planned, specifically to teach children concepts on their level, while entertaining them in a way that will allow them to forever remember Biblical teachings.



Hallelujah Night Sign Crop_resize

Hallelujah Night
This fun-filled event takes place every October and serves as our Christian alternative to Halloween.  Rather than deny our children some of the events that they perceive as “fun”, we offer them an alternative that allows them to have fun without engaging in activities that do not support our beliefs.  We fill our grounds with inflatables and games with complete booths and prizes!  We have also filled our gym with competition games where the kids were able to compete with other kids in their age group.  Hallelujah Night is a blast for the kids!